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The Workhog

Exide introduced the first Ironclad (now designated as the Workhog) in 1910, and since then they've proven themselves as reliable, rugged performers in thousands of applications and work environments. Available in sizes to fit small personnel carriers up to the largest 100,000-lb lift truck. The latest generation of Workhogs, rated at 85- and 125-A.H., are the most powerful standard rated batteries on earth. Using Exide's unique square tubular design, they produce up to 6.3% more power than previous models. They run 10 to 20% longer than conventional flat pasted plate batteries.


The Loadhog

When introduced in 1980, the Loadhog was the first battery to pack 100 amp-hours of capacity into a standard size 85-A.H. battery compartment. That's 18% more capacity - more than enough for an entire eight-hour shift. The Loadhog E140 (140 A.H-) excels in high-reach or rider-type lift trucks, while the 19" E75L (75 A.H.) low-profile Loadhog keeps your low-profile lift trucks running strong.


The Superhog

Top-of-the-line powerhouse for the longest runs, highest lifts, and most demanding industrial and warehousing applications, turn to the super performance, long life, and easy maintenance of the supercharged Superhog, setting the pace since 1986.


The Smarthog

No watering, ever! No acid spills, ever!

The Smarthog fully sealed, valve regulated lead-acid batteries se Exide's exclusive Ironclad tubular positive plate construction. They are made in a wide range or sizes, to fit all electric lift trucks. The Smarthog delivers from 20% to 41% more energy than competitive sealed batteries, case for case size.


Exide Chargers by Hertner

All of Exide's chargers are built by Hertner. One of the most diversified charger product lines available in the United States today, manufacturing both Ferroresonant and SCR chargers in every size to match our industrial batteries.


Depth Charger

Depth Chargers are Exide's newest line of advanced technology chargers. They use solid-state integrated circuitry to extend battery cycle life and ensure maximum battery performance and reliability. An electronic clock precisely times all charging operations, and advanced circuitry protects against operator error.


Loadhog Charger

The Loadhog Charger is the easiest to use, most cost-effective charger on the market. While most chargers require an exact match between battery and charger voltage, the Loadhog Charger automatically selects the proper output voltage.


Sealed Battery Charger

The Sealed Battery Charger offers the advantages of advanced charging technology for virtually all sealed automatic guided vehicle batteries and pallet trucks with sealed batteries. Recharges a wide range of batteries and maximize sealed battery life. Operation is fully automatic and electronically controlled.


Workhog Charger Contoured Current Charger

Simple in design and rugged in construction, these reliable chargers are designed to return 105% of nameplate rating in eight hours or less.