Safety and Service Equipment

Your forklift battery room requires not only the right equipment, but many tools and safety supplies to keep everyone safe and your operation running smoothly. SBC carries an array of OSHA standard accessories.  Whether you need safety signs, fire extinguishers, spill kits, or medical and first aid equipment we have you covered.


Forklift Attachment / Battery Lifting Beam

Designed to work with a Gantry Crane system, the battery lifting beam is an efficient and safe solution for extracting batteries vertically. Our BHS lifting beams are adjustable to fit various sizes of batteries. This lifting beam can also be used with a BHS fork attachment to configure your forklift as a battery extractor.

Depending on your battery type, beam integration system used, and capacity, we have multiple hooks and beams to safely handle any battery. 


Battery and Charger Cable Retractor

Batteries and chargers come with a lot of cables and plugs. To keep aisles safe, storing cables high above aisles is the key. SBC carries both battery and charger cable retractors. By utilizing these retractors, you can store cables easily above the ground to prevent damage from kinking or rubbing against sharp edges. We can customize your cable needs to create a hassle-free integration to your application.

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