Nexsys Ion Batteries


Built for heavy-duty applications and designed with the highest safety standards, the NexSys iON has the most advanced Lithium-ION battery technology in the material handling industry.


The iON uses Nickel Manganese Cobalt chemistry, which allows your equipment to run longer and at higher sustained voltages. Cutting unexpected downtime vs. other conventional lead acid batteries.


NexSys iON batteries are low maintenance by design. Featuring a Battery Management System to monitor peak productivity risks.  Allowing you 24/7 operation with no watering downtime and faster recharging. Making ownership costs low and operation productivity high.

NexSys PURE Batteries


Combining optimized cycling performance, virtually maintenance-free, and opportunity charging anytime your equipment is stopped, the NexSys Pure battery delivers high performance.


Designed to reduce downtime and operating costs, NexSys PURE Blocs  are Thin Plate Pure Lead batteries that have 3X more plates and 10% more energy density vs. flooded batteries.


With an integrated data management tool, the NexSys PURE is virtually maintenance free.  No watering, cleaning, or equalizing leads to full fast charge in less than 2 hours or opportunity charging during breaks. Giving you excellent battery cycle life to change the way you work.

IRONCLAD Batteries


IRONCLAD batteries have been efficiently powering equipment for more than a century.  IRONCLAD delivers high sustained voltages to extend equipment run times.  There are 3 different IRONCLAD Batteries to choose from and all have an up to 5+1 year warranty depending on charge application.


IRONCLAD Loadhog® Batteries

The IRONCLAD Loadhog was designed to power up to 18% higher AMP-Hour capacity and longer up time than conventional batteries. To handle demanding loads and shifts, Loadhog offers 55, 75, 100, and 140 AMP-Hour plates.  The Loadhog can keep running through hard shifts.


IRONCLAD Superhog Batteries

IRONCLAD Superhog batteries are the supercharged performer of the IRONCLAD line.  Designed to handle the heaviest loads, fastest runs, and quickest lifts. The Superhog will deliver 29% more AMP-Hour capacity vs. standard conventional batteries. Offered in 110 and 155 amp-hour plates, Superhog will provide industry leading run times with reliable performance. 


IRONCLAD Deserthog Batteries

IRONCLAD Deserthog batteries are built to power trucks to drive and lift faster, lasting longer into a shift. The Deserthog is not only powerful and fast, but has an industry leading water reserve that can hold up to 132% more water than conventional batteries. Available in 90, 100, and 125 AMP-Hour plates, the Deserthog only needs water added 4-6X per year. Saving money on maintenance costs and time watering. 

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