Battery Handling Equipment

Battery handling equipment

Battery Extractors

SBC offers a variety of Operator Aboard Battery Extractors. These changers are designed for any operation that performs frequent battery changes in equipment.  The BHS Battery Extractors we carry, offer cloud-based digital integrations, and are designed to be a reliable, cost-effective battery changer. Let us help you choose the right option for your fleet size.


Battery Carts & Carriages

Designed for forklift battery change outs of 1-50 per day, battery carts and carriages are the ideal battery changing solution. SBC carries a variety of carts and carriages that will best fit your requirements.  Whether you need a powered suction or a powered magnet suction, we have your covered. Our BHS carts and carriage are designed to last with a powerful steel frame, and an acid-resistant coating.  They are long lasting and can carry capacities up to 3,000 lbs.


Battery Gantry Cranes & Lifting Devices

Another battery handling option from SBC is a Gantry Crane.  We carry a variety of BHS Gantry Cranes and Lifting devices to enhance productivity when removing forklift batteries. These heavy-duty overhead battery cranes come in a power drive and non-power option. They are durable and have high lifting capacities up to 6,000 lbs. The BHS Gantry Crane is produced in steel for stability and durability. Gantry cranes reduce strain for your operators with a safe and ergonomic designed product. We can provide a site review to help you find the best option of Gantry cranes or other lifting devices.


Battery & Charger Stands

Battery and charger storage in a facility can greatly impact the efficiency of your operation. SBC carries a number of battery & chargers stands to select from. Whether you need a single level battery stand or quad stack system, we have what you need. Our BHS charger stands will be installed to meet OSHA regulations and create a safe and functional charging space. If you need a single charging stand or a multi-tier system, we will find the best location, proper system, install quickly, and evaluate your cable management system.


Battery Watering Devices

Looking to extend the life of your lead-acid batteries?  Battery watering is one of the most important steps to keep your battery at optimum levels.  Battery watering is a crucial step but it has to be done correctly and with the right equipment.  If you are training your employees to water their own batteries, you will need the right equipment based on your fleet size and battery requirements.  SBC carries a full line of water carts, tanks, water guns and other battery watering equipment. SBC can also schedule Battery PM Service and take battery watering off your plate!

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