Southwest Battery Company NexSys chargers
NexSys+ Chargers

NexSys+ Chargers

The NexSys+ Charger offers high charge rates to reduce charging time on multiple batteries. Provides energy and performance savings up to 94% efficiency. NexSys+ chargers continually optimizes the battery while diagnosing the battery to maximize overall battery life and cost savings. All NexSys+ chargers are enabled with Wi-iQ battery monitoring and can be enhanced with temperature management to provide diagnostics to your team.

IMPAQ Chargers

IMPAQ™ Chargers

The IMPAQ™ is a light, compact battery charger that features the latest technology to maximize performance while maintaining peak efficiency. This best-in-class high frequency charger is equipped with a programmable customer menu, a LCD screen, and is a standard flooded lead acid multi-voltage design.  It is flexible for any material handling equipment, scrubbers, or industrial electric vehicles.


Express® Chargers

Express® Chargers by EnerSys are perfect for multi-shift operations. These fast-charge chargers can increase productivity by safely and quickly charging during shift changes, breaks, or any down time.  The Wi-iQ® smart technology can increase energy savings and maximum performance up to 94%.  This battery monitoring technology provides battery data such as capacity data, and battery voltage to reduce the number of chargers in your fleet.   

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